Dr Biascoechea

Jose Biascoechea, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian Practice)

Dr. Biascoechea graduated from Kansas State University and maintained a mobile veterinary practice for 7 years prior to founding Birds and Exotics Animal Care in July 2000.

He is staff veterinarian for The Center for Birds of Prey and provides consulting services for the South Carolina Aquarium. He attends continuing education seminars several times a year to keep up with the latest developments in avian and exotic medicine.

He was certified by the ABVP as a Diplomate in Avian Practice in November of 2011 and is currently the only board-certified avian veterinarian in the state. He is also a Category II USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian.  When not in the clinic he can often be found windsurfing or racing sailboats in the harbor.

Dr. Biascoechea in the news!

12/18/11 – Dr. Biascoechea is featured in the Post and Courier’s Pet News

10/20/11 – Dr. Biascoechea is interviewed by Live 5 News

10/01/10 – Dr. Biascoechea is featured in an article in Lowcountry Parent magazine

12/27/07 – Dr. Biascoechea removed injured flipper from sea turtle

7/18/07 – Dr. Biascoechea removed fishhook from another Kemp’s ridley turtle

7/06/07 – Dr. Biascoechea removed fishhook from Kemp’s ridley turtle

Dr Rainwater

Katie Rainwater, MA, DVM

After a year-long small-animal internship with Georgia Veterinary Specialists, Dr. Rainwater joined our team in November of 2008. A graduate of the zoological track at UC Davis and a California native, she has a colorful history of globetrotting animal experience, including leading research groups studying black howler monkeys in Belize, working with ringtailed lemurs in Madagascar, and studying elephants in Namibia.  She is a Category II USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian.  She attends continuing education seminars several times a year to keep up with the latest developments in avian and exotic medicine. She and her husband welcomed their new baby into the world in August 2013 and they couldn’t be more proud. When not in the clinic she enjoys stand-up paddleboarding and napping on the porch with her cats Dexter and Fireplace.

Dr. Rainwater in the news!

04/11 – Dr. Rainwater is the primary author of a paper published in the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine

Support Team:

Kerry Bateman: Practice Manager

Kerry has been managing Birds and Exotics Animal Care since 2003. When she is not working to keep the clinic running smoothly and all of our clients and patients happy, she enjoys playing guitar, crafts, and being mommy to 3 formerly stray kitties: Toonces, Peek, and Essie.

Monique Leveille, LVT: Licensed Veterinary Technician

Monique was selected as South Carolina’s 2005 Tech of the Year, and as far as we are concerned she is Tech of the Year every year! She has been with Birds and Exotics Animal Care since the clinic’s inception in 2000. She has a BS in Biology and an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology, and she has years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation. She spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her 2 rescued Huskies Baby and Jazmine, her Shorgie Kahlua, her Chihuahua/Pug mix Eli, and her Chihuahua/Yorkie mix Oliver.

Annde Pfeifer: Veterinary Technician

With nearly a decade of experience as a veterinary technician, Annde joined us in April of 2014 and has already become a valuable team member. Her pleasant demeanor and positive attitude sets both clients and patients at ease. When she is not providing top-notch care and service, she enjoys reading and hanging out with her Papillon Giselle, Western Hognose snake Lil A.K., and python Flexx.

Lisa Avant, RN: Veterinary Technician

An avid reptile enthusiast, Lisa is also mother to Bella, the daintiest Mollucan cockatoo ever hatched. She has been with Birds and Exotics Animal Care since the clinic’s inception in 2000. Technically retired, Lisa is here the first Saturday of each month because she loves us THAT much!  She also enjoys cooking, reading, and basking in the sunshine (much like her reptilian cohorts).

Megan Moran: Technician Assistant

Megan has an extensive background in human healthcare and joined our team in August of 2012, bringing technical knowledge and skills as well as a dedication to perfection. She provides care for our boarders and hospitalized patients, keeps our facility clean and organized, and assists our veterinary technicians with treatments and grooming. In her off hours, she enjoys music, movies, and spending time with her children.

Niki English: Receptionist

Niki came on board with us in February of 2014 with a long history of high-quality customer service. She provides courteous and calm front desk support to our clients and keeps our doctors organized and on task. In what she laughingly calls her “spare time”, Niki is in the veterinary technician program at Trident Tech or at home enjoying the company of her dog Bosley and cat Reecie. She also enjoys cooking, reading and traveling.

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