Case Study: Call It Heavy Metal

A little Quaker parrot came to us because he had stopped eating and drinking for 2 days prior and had begun vomiting clear thick liquid that morning. His owner mentioned he had been playing with a little bead of some sort a few days before the onset of symptoms, and though they had not witnessed him ingesting it, they were concerned he had.

X-ray showing metallic foreign body in bird stomach

An x-ray confirmed the presence of a small, round metallic object in the bird’s stomach, so while bloodwork was sent to confirm heavy metal, we began chelation therapy to help get the toxins out of his system. He will be hospitalized with us for a few days while we perform this treatment.


He is already feeling much better after only the first day of treatment, so we are feeling positive that he will recover well. We are waiting for the test results to find out if the object ingested is lead or zinc. Either way, it does not belong inside his stomach, and we are working to help him pass it naturally and avoid an endoscopic procedure.

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