Case Study: Karma Chameleon

Chameleon with broken leg

This tiny chameleon came to us because after only 1 day of ownership, his new family noticed he was favoring his right rear leg. Upon examination, we found the leg was not only swollen but broken, and created a tape splint to hold things in place while the little one heals. It has stayed solidly in place for 2 weeks and has at least a week to go. To help him heal, we recommended improvements to his diet, adding calcium supplements, and enhancing his UVB light exposure. These changes to his care will work together to help him metabolize and utilize calcium better to heal more quickly and grow strong as well as larger. This chameleon must have good karma to have found a family so attentive and dedicated to his care and recovery. Get well soon, little one!

Chameleon with tape splint on leg
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