Make Mine Chocolate!

Every Easter, well-intentioned adults buy rabbits, chicks, and ducklings for their children, and every year we receive calls a few months later asking where these unfortunate animals can be surrendered, as well as calls from people who have rescued former pets released into the wild. We understand that these babies are adorable, but please resist the impulse to purchase a living creature on a seasonal whim. These are delicate, exotic animals and cannot survive in the wild. They require specialized diets to stay healthy, have extremely specific housing and environmental requirements, and will need a lifetime of care from a qualified exotics veterinarian to ensure a healthy, happy life. To bring an exotic pet into your home is a decade-long or longer commitment, and as the pet matures a child may tire of the constant responsibility of caring for it. Any pet brought into the home belongs to the family, but ultimately its care becomes the parents’ duty.

There are many fun alternatives for children, including chocolate rabbits, stuffed animals, animal-themed coloring books, or even a trip to a petting zoo. A donation to your local rabbit rescue or to is a wonderful way to honor and support these special creatures. If your child is set on becoming the caretaker of an exotic pet, we offer prepurchase consultations where we can discuss the details and obligations of providing for the pet’s day-to-day needs in terms your child can understand, and help you make the right decision for your family. When you decide you are ready to add a new member to your family, we are often able to help you find an adoptable pet in need (the annual Bunny Rehoming Wave usually arrives in August/September as the babies start becoming hormonal adults and require spaying or neutering to continue to be good pets).

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Our exotic animal hospital is dedicated exclusively to the care of birds, exotic small mammals, reptiles, and even fish! We can offer everything your pet needs for a healthy and happy life, from wellness care and grooming to diagnostics and dentistry, but we can also provide emergency care during our opening hours, along with more specialized treatment for referred patients.