Case Study: Chameleon with Ovarian Follicles

“Napoleon” is a 6 month old female veiled chameleon. She was brought in because she had been sitting near the bottom of her enclosure for 2-3 days and breathing with her mouth open over the past day. After an external physical exam and discussion of her diet, care, lighting, and housing we did an x-ray and found her to be severely calcium-deficient and retaining many reproductive follicles.
chameleon xray
She was given fluids with calcium and prepared for exploratory surgery to remove the ovarian follicles.
chameleon spay
The surgery went well and she recovered quickly and was ready to go home the next day.
chameleon recovery
Sometimes in reptiles the reproductive organs regenerate, and this was the case with “Napoleon”, who came back to see us 6 months later with similar issues as before. X-rays confirmed that she was again suffering from follicular stasis and surgery was repeated. Improvement in her bone density is visible on the second x-ray, showing the benefits of proper calcium supplementation and UV lighting over the 6 month period between visits.
chameleon xray
She is now healthy and happy and reproductively inactive thanks to her owner’s dedication to her care.
chameleon postsurgery

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