Cast Study: Goldfish Swimming Upside-Down

“Sherman” is a 4 year old Black Moor goldfish.  His owner called us because he had been swimming on his side for about a week and a half, and that morning had started swimming upside-down and his left side was swollen.  The owner had the aquarium water tested and corrected any issues in water quality, but “Sherman” was still floating upside-down at the top of the water so we scheduled a visit for him at our clinic.

Black Moor goldfish swimming upside-down


Sherman Rad

We performed a radiograph and found an excess of air in his coelom. Our doctor aspirated the excess air and further diagnostics revealed evidence  of an inflammatory response. Medications were prescribed for infection and pain management which his dedicated owners administered at home. “Sherman” was kept in a hospital tank for the course of his treatment. With the excess air removed, he was able to swim normally for the first time in weeks!

Black Moor goldfish in hospital tank

After his course of treatment was complete, “Sherman” was returned to his normal tank with his pal “Penny” and as this video shows, boy, were they happy to see each other!

Click to watch the fish reunion!

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