Case Study: An Eye-Opening Growth Removal

Skin tumors in pet birds are very common and become more likely to develop as the pet ages. We have been seeing more lately, as these pets are living longer thanks to great owners and preventive veterinary care. Lipomas, xanthomas, squamous cell carcinomas, and fibrosarcomas are a few of the more common types that are popping up. As with any species, early diagnosis and treatment are very important to ensure the best outcome. Surgery on birds can be daunting due to feathers and lack of extra skin to close the area.

African Grey with large growth over eye
This 23-yr old female African Grey was referred to us for a facial tumor that had been present for 5 years and suddenly started growing rapidly and affecting her upper eyelid. As she is a “Golden Girl”, her owner requested we perform all recommended precautionary diagnostics prior to anesthesia and surgery. Her CBC, blood chemistry panel and liver function tests were all normal. A full body contrast CT scan showed a partially mineralized soft tissue mass on the left side of her head with concern for involvement of the left upper eyelid, and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is quite prevalent in pet birds and can make anesthesia challenging since underlying heart disease is present in most cases.

African Grey prepped for surgery, intubated with surgical area plucked

She was sedated and prepped for surgery, with careful monitoring from start to finish by our attentive and skilled doctors and staff. With the aid of radiosurgery, the mass was carefully removed from her face and upper eyelid.

Exotic Vet Care skillfully removes a growth from an African Grey using radiosurgery

The growth was sent for pathology and the mass was found to be most consistent with a fibroma. Due to its rapid growth spurt a fibrosarcoma could have developed so close monitoring was recommended. With this large growth removed, this African Grey is not only looking better, but she is also seeing better, and has made an excellent recovery.

Postsurgical African Grey is already looking, feeling, and seeing better!
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