Hurricane Season: Be Prepared, Not Scared

Hurricane Season is upon us, and we want to help you prepare in advance to keep yourself, your pets, and your home safe. Our Practice Manager Kerry has been through many a local storm (including Hurricane Hugo) and offers these helpful tips for those who plan to ride the storm out as opposed to evacuating:

Storm Prep 101

1 Week Prior: Gather Supplies. A week’s worth of non-perishable food, pet food, water, pet litter (a dog will pee and poop in a large Tupperware container with sod in it, FYI), pet carriers, entertainment (board games, puzzles, craft supplies, coloring books, etc), batteries, flashlights, walkie-talkies, battery-operated radio, battery-operated clock or watch, refills of prescription and OTC medicines (human and pet), First Aid kit, a new bottle of plain bleach, Duct tape, plywood cut to fit all windows and labeled, candles, matches, lighters, small grill, charcoal, aluminum foil, coolers, ice packs, paper plates and bowls, plastic utensils, plastic trash bags, sheeting, and freezer bags. Don’t forget beers, snacks, chocolates, whatever your vices may be. Luxury items are also bartering tools in a pinch.

Get cash. Have at least a hundred dollars on hand. You don’t know when you might be able to use your debit card again.

Fill your gas tanks and cans if you have them. Keep your car topped up.

Start eating your frozen foods to make room for ice. Work your icemaker, bagging up and stocking the freezer whenever the bin is more than halfway full, but don’t take it down to less than half. If you empty it, it takes twice as long to refill, but keep up with the bagging. Eat the fridge perishables too.

Days Prior: Charge Everything. Power tools, phones, tablets, rechargeable batteries. Stay on top of them and never go below 50%.

Start securing your perimeter. Find places to secure outdoor furniture, plants, tools, trash cans, anything that may become a flying projectile.

Wash everything. All dishes, all laundry. Small loads are OK now. You don’t want to lose power with no clean underwear. Change your sheets. Clean your toilets, tubs, and sinks. Change the litterbox.

Day Before: If you’re putting up plywood, now’s the time. Make sure you have your cordless tools, screws and nails, buckets, patching supplies, etc in the house and within reach. Check your perimeter again, and your neighbors’, too. Have your empty coolers and ice ready to clear out the fridge if needed. Remember, cold air sinks, so ice packs go on top.

We keep a small cooler with drain cap by the sink to fill with water and use as a handwash station.

Day Of: Action Time! Fill your tubs and have buckets at each toilet to flush manually. Stay away from doors and windows (boarded-up or not). Keep an eye out for leaks and staunch them. Love on your pets and try not to stress, as they sense your emotions. If the power goes out, enjoy primitive pleasures like reading a book, coloring, crafts, or conversation. Do not use gas- or charcoal-fueled items in the house.

You may be tempted to go out during the eye to clean up, check on neighbors, or just look around. Keep an ear and eye to the sky and be ready to resecure yourself in an instant. Know that you have prepared as best you can and stay safe!

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