Exotic Vet Care’s Online Pharmacy: What’s That?

Shop in your jammies at our Online Pharmacy!

When your pet needs a medication, he needs it right away. We fill all initial prescriptions in-house so you have what you need to start your pet’s treatment immediately and get on the road to recovery. With refills or supplements, you are able to plan ahead and order before you need them, so many clients enjoy the convenience of shopping online and having those products delivered directly to their door. We want to offer the best customer service as well as help our clients find the best pricing for their pet’s medications. To make your life easier, we have created an Online Pharmacy. It can be found here:


In addition to offering many of the prescription medications we carry and dispense in our facility, our Online Pharmacy offers a wide selection of supplements, toys, treats, and other supplies we cannot physically house in our clinic for both exotic pets and dogs and cats. We’d love to be your one-stop shop for all your pets’ needs, and we price our products to be competitive with other online providers.

Our Online Pharmacy provides purchase options we cannot offer in-clinic including individual doses of flea, tick, and heartworm control products as well as of certain medications. Because these items are stocked and dispensed by My Vet Store Online, they are able to offer free shipping on many single-dose items, and they are able to offer all the most popular brands of products while we carry only the select few that we use most often in clinic.

We operate our Online Pharmacy through My Vet Store Online because it is a veterinary-exclusive pharmacy and only dispenses products that come directly from US veterinary vendors. We have no control of what sources other pharmacies are using nor the quality control standards used when they purchase and dispense their products.

You can order from our Online Pharmacy without setting up an account, though we encourage you to Register to make keeping track of your prescriptions and providing refills faster and easier for you. Registering is as simple as providing your email and choosing a Username and Password. You can start shopping right away!

Rest easy knowing the products you need will be delivered right to your door.

Because we are able to directly supervise the handling of prescriptions sent via our Online Pharmacy, we are able to waive the Prescription Management Fee on prescriptions ordered there.

With outsourced prescriptions, we are responsible for ensuring that the outsourced provider both has access to and understands the specific dosing and administration instructions for the medication in question. This requires the time of the prescribing veterinarian creating and physically authorizing the written prescription, the technician or client care specialist ensuring the prescription is processed, received, and fillable by the outsourced pharmacy, as well as the client care specialist, technician, and veterinarian fielding any concerns or queries the outsourced pharmacy has regarding the prescription. That’s before the medication even reaches your door. Add to that any error in their understanding or instructions, and we have a lot of mess to undo.

In the past, we have had outsourced pharmacies supply the wrong medication, the wrong strength, and the wrong dosing instructions, just to name a few causes for concern with outsourced medications. Some of these errors can be life-threatening. By adding an Online Pharmacy we are able to remove the middle man and problems caused thereby and ensure our clients and patients receive the best products, the best service, and the best care possible.

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