The Horror of Hormones

Hormones are important for growth and development, but as our pets mature they can result in many unwanted side effects. Rabbits may mount and spray, charge, dig, and bite. Birds may scream incessantly, become aggressive towards others, feather pick, and self-multilate. For most pets, spaying and neutering is the best method of addressing and avoiding these undesirable and unhealthy symptoms. Birds are a bit more challenging, and most hormonal issues are treated with a combination of environmental enrichment, removal of triggers, and hormonal suppression therapy.

Lifestyle changes are important in dealing with hormonal birds. Removing materials seen as nests, providing appropriate foraging opportunities rather than presenting an overabundance of food items, and proper handling and interaction with your pet are all vital components of a hormone-reduction program. Many owners touch their birds in stimulating ways and areas without realizing it, which is very confusing and frustrating for the bird.

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Lupron is a quick-acting hormone suppression injection that can last weeks to months. Deslorelin implants are placed subcutaneously and are slow-release, long-lasting hormone suppression delivery systems effective for 6-12 months. Birds in the throes of hormonal excess may need a one-two punch of Lupron to start working right away and Deslorelin to keep things stable in the long term.

So many pets are rehomed unnecessarily due to hormonal issues. This does nothing to solve the concerns, it just relocates the problem. Whether furry or feathered, we want to keep your family together. Let us help you regain your harmonious relationship and call for a consultation today!

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