Is Your Bunny Acting Funny?

Is your bunny acting funny? Have you noticed a change in behavior, litterbox habits, or diet? Anything that seems strange or abnormal should be checked out right away by an experienced exotics veterinarian. If you got your rabbit this spring, you may be noticing new behaviors that could be hormonally related. Some signs your rabbit is in need of spaying or neutering include:

-Digging and chewing. Female rabbits are driven to create nests and can be destructive.
-Mounting and humping. Both male and female rabbits may display this behavior, which can be a show of dominance or frustration.
-Aggression and charging. Hormones can make your pet very crabby, and your formerly sweet bun may begin to nip or even bite.
-Litterbox avoidance. A hormonal rabbit may urinate or defecate outside of their normal area.

Bring your bun in for a checkup so that we can ensure all is well healthwise and plan your pet’s spay or neuter. Even solo rabbits need to be spayed or neutered to prevent reproductive tumors, cancers, and cysts which can be life-threatening. It will alleviate your pet’s stress and negative hormonal behaviors, and allow you to enjoy a more relaxed and happy pet for many years.

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