Know Your Normal

Knowing what is normal for your exotic pet is key to spotting illness, as these pets will do everything in their power to hide weakness and illness until they are absolutely drained of resources and often at death’s door. Any change from normal behavior should raise a red flag for you and be treated as a serious concern and addressed immediately. Days and even hours can make the difference between life and death in exotic pets.

Post-surgical bun in incubator recovering nicely

Spoiler Alert: she did great and is recovering nicely from her surprise surgery!

This morning we received a call from a client who noticed her rabbit didn’t come running when she said, “Carrots!”, which is their morning greeting and is generally met with an excited bun ready for a little treat and morning petting. The owner found her beloved bunny crouching in a corner acting lethargic and went to grab her carrier to bring her pet in as an emergency this morning. Once the rabbit saw the carrier she got motivated and ran to hide under the bed, but luckily the owner did not dismiss her pet’s unusual behavior as just a fluke, and loaded her into the carrier to head to our clinic.

Upon arrival, we examined the rabbit and bloodwork showed elevated liver values. An ultrasound confirmed liver lobe torsion almost immediately, and showed that part of the liver had already become necrotic from lack of blood flow. She was taken right into emergency surgery.

Affected liver lobe successfully surgically removed

The affected liver lobe was successfully surgically removed.

This alert and observant owner saved her beloved pet’s life by knowing her normal and not disregarding even a small change in behavior. If your pet hasn’t had a checkup recently, call us to schedule so we can go over what is normal with you. If your pet is showing unusual behaviors, call us right away so we can help!

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