A Ferret with Something Extra

Neutering a ferret is not something we do every day, because the ferrets sold in pet stores have already been spayed or neutered before being offered for sale. This little guy came from an interesting rescue background and somehow never was neutered. Until today. He started marking “his” territory in his rescue home with urine, and no shoe was safe. He started becoming more aggressive and his family knew something had to be done, as the ferret mating season with all of its unwanted behaviors lasts from March to September. He came to see us today and was quite the little gentleman, despite his hyper-hormonal state. He was well-behaved during his pre-surgical exam, and was ready to be prepped for surgery.

Male ferret with testicles

Everything went well as expected, and our newly-neutered friend should cease the undesirable hormonally-related behaviors as the excess hormones dissipate from his system in the coming days and weeks. He’ll be much happier and so will his adoptive family!

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