Case Study: A Tale of Two Uteruses



“Sister” rabbits Buddy (3 1/2 years old) and Holly (5 years old) came in together for their spays. Buddy, a Holland Lop, had been examined previously and diagnosed with E. Cuniculi, ear infection, tear duct inflammation, and cataracts, but is being treated for all those issues of concern and was found healthy for surgery. Holly had her first examination and presurgical bloodwork and was found healthy, free of E. Cuniculi, and ready for surgery as well.

Here are their uteruses side-by-side:
A healthy rabbit uterus and a diseased rabbit uterus

You may notice they are very different in appearance. On the left is a healthy uterus. On the right, a thickened uterus showing signs of neoplastic transformation (possibly cancerous tumor growth). Which do you think came from which rabbit?

You can’t tell a book by its cover and you can’t tell a healthy from an unhealthy pet by assumption. The healthy uterus came from Buddy, whose other health issues are being treated. The unhealthy uterus came from Holly, the otherwise healthy rabbit. Luckily, we removed that time bomb before it became a much more serious issue for her. Both buns recovered very well from their surgeries and are back to their normal antics at home.

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