Case Study: Super-Fertile Chameleon

“Milli” is a veiled chameleon just over a year old.  We met her last year when she was presented with an apparent leg injury, which turned out to be related to calcium deficiency.  Her owner improved her lighting and nutrition and she recovered the ability to use her leg quickly.  She came back three months later because she was acting funny, eating less and digging around the bottom of her tank.  An ultrasound showed developing follicles and unshelled eggs in her system.  We advised the owner on what to watch for with regard to egg-laying, but the eggs were never produced.  Six months later, she returned because she had been bloated off and on and not eating well for a couple of weeks.  An ultrasound showed many eggs.  Medications and treatments were given to assist her in passing them, but when they failed to appear surgery became necessary.

Chameleon spay and 71 eggs removed

Surgery went well, and 71 eggs as well as her uterine horns and ovaries were removed from “Milli”.  She certainly felt better with that load off.  With reptiles, there is always the chance that the reproductive organs can grow back in time, but we hope “Milli” stays egg-free and happy for many years to come!

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