The ABCs of UVB

Why does my pet need an Ultraviolet light (UVB)?

  • Vitamin D is an essential “fat-soluble vitamin”, required by many vertebrate species. It helps the body metabolize and absorb calcium
  • Protective against various disease conditions like Metabolic Bone Disease, Dental Disease
  • Can also contribute to reproductive success of many egg-laying animals
  • UVB synthesizes vitamin D3
  • Windows, glass or acrylic materials absorb or obstruct UVB radiation
  • Exotic pets need appropriate access to vitamin D through the diet, ultraviolet (UVB) exposure, or a combination of both
  • While time spent in natural sunlight is wonderful, it is not always possible. Specialized lights give those good rays no matter what the weather

Who needs UVB?

  • Most indoor pets
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Chinchillas
  • Rats
  • Pet birds, chickens
  • Most reptiles except Ball Pythons


  • Distance from light to pet is important
  • Start ~ 3 feet, then move to ~2 feet in 30 days
  • Monitor for unusual behaviors, squinting of eyes may indicate damage

Change your bulb yearly or test bulb with a UVB meter

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