Case Study: The Last Prolapse

This 32 year old sweet female Umbrella Cockatoo presented with a chronic prolapsing cloaca. We see this issue regularly in parrots for a variety of reasons, but are most often able to resolve it with minimal surgical intervention. In her case, the problem kept recurring, so  to hopefully permanently fix this issue, she had a full “salpingohysterectomy.” This procedure is not often performed on parrots due to the surgical risk.

Her fallopian tubes and ovaries were carefully exteriorized and removed via surgical cautery.

Unlike female humans with a large uterus, birds uterus’ are very tiny and at the end of their oviduct, which empties directly into the cloaca.

Her skin was sutured back up and she recovered very well!

She came for her progress exam with a spunky attitude and some extra bling on her collar, feeling great. We wish her excellent healing and no more prolapses!

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