Deslorelin: What’s That?


In an effort to offer more options for treatment of hormonal disorders in birds and exotic pets, we carry deslorelin 4.7mg implants (Suprelorin). The implant is placed with your pet under sedation subcutaneously (under the skin) between the shoulder blades by our veterinarian.

In ferrets, deslorelin is helpful in preventing the onset of adreno-cortical disease and in relieving symptoms of the disease in ferrets who are already affected.  Due to its sustained slow release action, this implant is effective in ferrets for a period of 6 months or up to several years depending on the severity of the disease process.  The implant does not cure adrenal disease or cause the gland size to shrink. Presently, surgical removal of the adrenal tumor still remains the only curative treatment for adrenal disease.

In birds, deslorelin is utilized to address hormonal behaviors such as self-mutilation, egg-laying, aggression, and reproductively associated feather-damaging behavior/plucking. Because it is slow-release and long-lasting, it is often used in conjunction with Lupron, a fast-acting but shorter-lasting injectable hormone suppressant. Together they offer a one-two punch to get those levels down and keep them down.

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