A Killer Top Ten List

Wvc 2015

Many of the problems we see in birds and exotic pets are preventable. The best way to ensure your pet’s health, happiness, and longevity is having a qualified veterinarian perform a wellness exam with appropriate diagnostics such as parasite screens soon after bringing your new pet into your family and biannually after the first checkup.…

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Case Study: Karma Chameleon


This tiny chameleon came to us because after only 1 day of ownership, his new family noticed he was favoring his right rear leg. Upon examination, we found the leg was not only swollen but broken, and created a tape splint to hold things in place while the little one heals. It has stayed solidly…

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Chill Vibes: Cryosurgery in Exotic Pet Medicine

Hedgie After Cryo

The tooth will set you free Ted (or Tedward to his friends) was adopted by his loving family from a home that was not feeding him an appropriate diet. Due to this he had severe periodontal disease (inflammation and damage of the tooth socket and ligaments) as well as stomatitis (irritation of the gingiva and…

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The Heat is On

Summer Tiel

Summer in the South can be brutal, and with so many families moving here from around the country, they and their pets may be in for a big surprise. As we all know it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity! Some pets enjoy extreme temperatures, but most of our exotic pets are not native…

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RHDV-2: What’s That?

As we all now know, viruses are very difficult to keep in one place. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) is a calicivirus that has been associated with rabbit populations in China and Europe, but had never been an issue here in the US. Unfortunately, that changed recently with the discovery of a variant that affects…

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Exotic Vet Care’s Online Pharmacy: What’s That?

When your pet needs a medication, he needs it right away. We fill all initial prescriptions in-house so you have what you need to start your pet’s treatment immediately and get on the road to recovery. With refills or supplements, you are able to plan ahead and order before you need them, so many clients…

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Dr. Biascoechea Maintains His Board Certification in Avian Practice

CHARLESTON, SC – Jose Biascoechea, a veterinarian from Mt. Pleasant, has successfully maintained certification as a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) specializing in Avian Practice. ABVP requires Diplomates to maintain certification every ten years. This process demonstrates that Diplomates have kept up with changes and advancements in veterinary practice. ABVP is…

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Taking the Squeeze Out of Fees

Img 7503

Veterinary care is one of the inevitable expenses that comes along with pet ownership, but not one many consider when bringing a new pet into their family. When you are faced with a sudden illness or injury in your pet, it is a relief not to have to stress over how you will cover the…

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Shining a Light on Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

LASER THERAPY IN EXOTIC PETS: We offer the latest technology in health care for your exotic companion. This FDA cleared, deep-penetrating light allows pain relief through endorphin release and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a much faster rate through a process called photomodulation. It promotes increased blood flow and decreases inflammation at the…

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Things Spring Brings

Spring has sprung, and while it brings us lovely things like sunshine and flowers, it also brings some not-so-lovely things. Fleas! While they never truly leave us here in South Carolina, the cold weather has kept fleas fairly dormant. Now is the time when they are itching to come out and bug us again. Everyone…

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