Case Study: Two Eggs, Over Hard


This 5 1/2 year old female leopard gecko was referred to us from another veterinary clinic after being presented to them with a bloated belly and weight loss in the tail, despite having laid eggs 2 weeks prior. The owner noted a white spot visible on the abdomen, which upon physical examination was determined to…

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Case Study: This Snake Bit Off More than It Could Chew

Rat snake with a large foreign object stuck in its body

This lovely wild rat snake was brought to us by a rescue organization after getting itself into quite the predicament. It had a large foreign body in its stomach that it was unable to pass. The snake was active and alert and otherwise was in good spirits, so surgical removal of the mystery object was…

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Case Study: A Delicate EGGstraction

Macaw feels much better after a stuck egg is removed

This macaw was out of state with her family when she started acting abnormally on a Friday. Her owners searched for a qualified vet, but no one was able to help. They were able to get her into an emergency clinic and had an x-ray which confirmed there was an egg present. She has never…

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Case Study: Guinea Pig Loses 1/3 of Her Body Weight in 1 Hour!

Ovarian cysts are very common in female guinea pigs, and we recommend spaying them around 3 months of age to prevent reproductive issues from developing. By the time she was 10 months old, this female guinea pig had already developed two extremely large ovarian cysts. She was scheduled for surgery with us and presented with…

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Case Study: A Tail and Two Stones

Feisty iguana post-surgery

This 14 year old female iguana was brought  into our clinic for suspected tail rot. In an older iguana, death of the tail tip is very concerning. No matter the underlying cause, the dead part of the tail had to be removed which meant surgery. Before that, we needed to figure out the cause of…

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Case Study: Bloated Belly Bearded Dragon

Beardie Before and After Surgery

One of the most common reproductive diseases we see in female bearded dragons is preovulatory follicular stasis. When the ovary grows follicles (pre-eggs) in an attempt to make eggs, normally the follicles ovulate into the oviduct to then leave the body. This stasis condition occurs when the follicles decide to not ovulate but rather remain…

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Case Study: A Tale of Two Uteruses


“Sister” rabbits Buddy (3 1/2 years old) and Holly (5 years old) came in together for their spays. Buddy, a Holland Lop, had been examined previously and diagnosed with E. Cuniculi, ear infection, tear duct inflammation, and cataracts, but is being treated for all those issues of concern and was found healthy for surgery. Holly…

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Case Study: Karma Chameleon


This tiny chameleon came to us because after only 1 day of ownership, his new family noticed he was favoring his right rear leg. Upon examination, we found the leg was not only swollen but broken, and created a tape splint to hold things in place while the little one heals. It has stayed solidly…

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Case Study: A Teste of Our Skills

Spaying and neutering your pet is almost always advised, especially with rabbits. Today we had a very special little guest. He was found in a parking lot, and his new family wanted an exam and spay or neuter. Dr. Duvall told the owner to sit tight until we determined gender by physical examination. She was…

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Case Study: Chameleon with Prolapsed Hemipenes

“Elliott”, a 5 ½ month old veiled chameleon, came in for us to assess some pink tissue that was protruding from his vent. On examination it was a hemipene that had become impacted and inflamed. When we tried to replace it the other one would pop out too! “Elliott” was admitted to the hospital and…

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