Great Blue Heron with Leg Fracture: Case Study

This Juvenile Great Blue Heron presented with a leg fracture. Because herons are wading birds and have very long leg bones, fractures like this present a great challenge. Dr. Biascoechea performed an orthopedic repair yesterday using several surgical pins to properly position the bone for healing. We hope to get this fellow back in the…

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Super-Fertile Chameleon: Case Study


“Milli” is a veiled chameleon just over a year old.  We met her last year when she was presented with an apparent leg injury, which turned out to be related to calcium deficiency.  Her owner improved her lighting and nutrition and she recovered the ability to use her leg quickly.  She came back three months…

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Goose With Poorly Healed Leg: Case Study

“Henry” is a Canada Goose who was struck by a car and left with a broken leg.  Untreated, the leg healed at a 90-degree angle and he was unable to walk or even eat, and would have died without human intervention.  He was rescued and turned over to our local waterfowl rehabilitator, Mr. Ruby of…

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Hamster with Recurring Mammary Tumors: Case Study

“Sparkles” is a teddy bear hamster who was presented to us in December of 2014 as an emergency case. At the time she was 1 1/2 years old and not spayed.  She had a large ulcerated growth under her leg, quite possibly a mammary tumor. Her owner opted for surgical removal of the growth without…

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Amazon Parrot with Throat Cancer: Case Study


“Pooh” is a 41 year old Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot. He came to our clinic because he was having a hard time breathing for a few days prior and had begun breathing with his mouth open. He had greenish discharge from one of his nares, indicating possible infection.

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Goldfish Swimming Upside-Down: Case Study

“Sherman” is a 4 year old Black Moor goldfish.  His owner called us because he had been swimming on his side for about a week and a half, and that morning had started swimming upside-down and his left side was swollen.  The owner had the aquarium water tested and corrected any issues in water quality,…

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Chameleon with Ovarian Follicles: Case Study


“Napoleon” is a 6 month old female veiled chameleon. She was brought in because she had been sitting near the bottom of her enclosure for 2-3 days and breathing with her mouth open over the past day. After an external physical exam and discussion of her diet, care, lighting, and housing we did an x-ray…

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Guinea Pig with Uterine Tumor: Case Study

“Claire” is a 4 year old female guinea pig. She was presented to us with a history of undesired reproductive behaviors, including mounting her cagemate and having a wet bottom. Upon examination, she was found to have a lump in her abdomen. An ultrasound verified the presence of a 2.5cm uterine mass requiring surgical removal.…

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Duck with Broken Leg: Case Study

Quackers Rad1

“Quackers” is a Muscovy duck. He was brought to us after his owner noticed him limping on his left leg for a week. Radiographs showed a closed fracture of the leg with some early callous formation due to his attempts to walk on his broken leg. We performed orthopedic surgery on “Quackers”, removing the excess bone…

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