Case Study: Karma Chameleon


This tiny chameleon came to us because after only 1 day of ownership, his new family noticed he was favoring his right rear leg. Upon examination, we found the leg was not only swollen but broken, and created a tape splint to hold things in place while the little one heals. It has stayed solidly…

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Case Study: A Teste of Our Skills

Spaying and neutering your pet is almost always advised, especially with rabbits. Today we had a very special little guest. He was found in a parking lot, and his new family wanted an exam and spay or neuter. Dr. Duvall told the owner to sit tight until we determined gender by physical examination. She was…

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Case Study: Chameleon with Prolapsed Hemipenes

“Elliott”, a 5 ½ month old veiled chameleon, came in for us to assess some pink tissue that was protruding from his vent. On examination it was a hemipene that had become impacted and inflamed. When we tried to replace it the other one would pop out too! “Elliott” was admitted to the hospital and…

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Case Study: Macaw Gains Her Independence From Egg-Binding

“Scooter” is a 23-year old female blue and gold macaw who came to us as an Emergency Admission on July 4. She had suffered with vomiting and diarrhea for a few days prior. Upon examination she had urate and fecal matting around her vent but after administering some fluids and pain medication she was stable…

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Case Study: Great Blue Heron with Leg Fracture

This Juvenile Great Blue Heron presented with a leg fracture. Because herons are wading birds and have very long leg bones, fractures like this present a great challenge. Dr. Biascoechea performed an orthopedic repair yesterday using several surgical pins to properly position the bone for healing. We hope to get this fellow back in the…

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Case Study: Super-Fertile Chameleon


“Milli” is a veiled chameleon just over a year old.  We met her last year when she was presented with an apparent leg injury, which turned out to be related to calcium deficiency.  Her owner improved her lighting and nutrition and she recovered the ability to use her leg quickly.  She came back three months…

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Case Study: Goose With a Poorly Healed Leg

“Henry” is a Canada Goose who was struck by a car and left with a broken leg.  Untreated, the leg healed at a 90-degree angle and he was unable to walk or even eat, and would have died without human intervention.  He was rescued and turned over to our local waterfowl rehabilitator, Mr. Ruby of…

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Case Study: Hamster with Recurring Mammary Tumors

“Sparkles” is a teddy bear hamster who was presented to us in December of 2014 as an emergency case. At the time she was 1 1/2 years old and not spayed.  She had a large ulcerated growth under her leg, quite possibly a mammary tumor. Her owner opted for surgical removal of the growth without…

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Case Study: Amazon Parrot with Throat Cancer


“Pooh” is a 41 year old Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot. He came to our clinic because he was having a hard time breathing for a few days prior and had begun breathing with his mouth open. He had greenish discharge from one of his nares, indicating possible infection.

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